Trandafiri cataratori

Climbing roses XL

85,00 lei

Color: Red

Full description and specifications

Climbing roses are spectacular and versatile plants, appreciated for their ability to quickly cover vertical structures, such as pergolas, fences or walls. These roses produce long flexible shoots, on which numerous flowers develop, often in bouquets, creating a special visual effect. The flowers can vary in shape and color, from delicate shades of pink and cream to bright red or bright yellow, and are often fragrant, adding a sensory dimension to the garden.

Climbing roses may require a support to grow properly and to maximize sun exposure, essential for good flowering. They require regular care, including periodic trimming to encourage growth and maintain a tidy appearance.

Delivery specifications: in pots with a diameter of 17 cm at a height of approx. 80-90 cm (pot included). Developed plants, with a strong root system, ready to bloom this season.
Fragrant flowers: YES