Tradescantia zebrina 'Purpusii Purple Joy' *babyplant

19,00 lei

Pot diameter: pot 6 cm

pot 6 cm
Full description and specifications

Tradescantia zebrina Purpusii Purple Joy is an easy-to-care flowing houseplant.

Tradescantia care instructions:
Light: Place it in a bright area. Tradescantia plants can be placed outside in the warm season. Do not leave them directly in the sun.
Temperature: Tradescantia is heat-loving, but can tolerate temperatures up to 12 ° C. Tradescantia tolerates dry air very well.
Watering: water moderately.
Pot diameter 6 cm

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.

The shade of the leaves varies depending on the growing conditions.