Syngonium Wendlandii D12 - full pots

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Pot diameter: pot 12 cm

pot 12 cm
Full description and specifications

Syngonium Wendlandii (Schott) - endemic botanical species from Costa Rica, which stands out for its velvety, dark green leaves, marked centrally by a silver stripe.

Planea shows fast growth and a very high adaptability, being among the most resistant varieties of Syngonium.
The name of the species, "wendlandii" was chosen after the German botanist, Hermann Wendland (1825-1903), an important figure and authority in Central American botany.
Other popular or commercial names: Silver Goosefoot Plant, Velvety Syngonium
Some leaves may have defects, but these do not affect the viability of the plant. Under conditions of optimal care, the new leaves will develop normally.
Height with pots included approx. 20-25 cm
The decorative ceramic wad is not included in the price.