Switch 62,5 WG 10g - fungicid sistemic si de contact

Switch 62.5 WG 10g - systemic and contact fungicide

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Complex fungicide, with mixed action, which includes a systemic and a contact component, namely fludioxonil and cyprodinil. The mode of action is preventive and curative, the active substances acting on three essential physiological processes of the fungal cell cycle, reducing the infection rate of plants, in the case of gray rot (Botrytis), fusarium (fusarium), moniliosis (Monilia) and other diseases fungi occurring in closed spaces. An important aspect of this phytosanitary product is the low risk of producing resistance.
For use in tropical horticulture, spray administrations will be applied, at the foliar level, in a concentration of 10 mg (the contents of one envelope) per 10 liters of water, for preventive and curative purposes for fusarium wilt (products of species of the Fusarium genus), root rot (produced by species of the genus Rhizoctonia), for black rot and white rot (produced by species of the genus Sclerotium), anthracnose (produced by species of the genus Colletotrichum), for leaf spots (produced by species of the genera Cercospora and Guignardia) and for gray rot which affects the flowers of the plants and the fruits of the vine (produced by species of the Botrytis genus). Used in particular to combat moniliosis and turnip (produced by species of the Venturia genus) in fruit trees, it finds its uses in the tropical horticultural phytosanitary field, especially in the field of growing orchids, being a product recommended by renowned breeders to combat product infections e of Botrytis (gray mold) and Fusarium (fusarium), through the two components, namely fludioxonil and cyprodinil, with an extremely effective action on these fungal diseases.