Substrat cactusi, suculente, adenium - SECRET GARDEN MIX

Substrate cacti, succulents, adenium - SG MIX

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Weight: 2.5 liters

2.5 liters
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Special substrate intended for planting cacti species and succulent plants, as well as other plants that prefer mineral soils, with low organic supply, efficient aeration and strong drainage
It contains universal peat type soil (locally produced), coconut fiber compost (Holland), for a slowly decomposing woody addition, perlite (locally produced), vermiculite (locally produced), fine sand (locally produced), and small-grained gravel, 1-2 mm (local production).
It is recommended to replace the substrate after a period of approximately 1-2 years, depending on the size of the plant, the planting container, or the typical growth parameters (frequency of irrigation and fertilization), or if its decomposition is noticed.
Origin of ingredients: EU

Note: Bulk product - the packaging is done by our staff and the substrates are always freshly prepared from top quality ingredients. It is not excluded that there may be some volume differences when the substrate is freshly mixed and implicitly loose, when the substrate is compacted, from one material to another, or depending on humidity, but these variations are considered normal.

Note for international orders: Adding soil products to international orders will increase your shipping costs due to extra weight charges. For each piece you will need to pay an extra cost of ~ 2 Eur.