Smochin - Ficus carica 'Precose de Dalmatie'
Ficus carica 'Precose de Dalmatie'
Smochin - Ficus carica 'Precose de Dalmatie'

Fig - Ficus carica 'Precose de Dalmatia'

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Ficus carica 'Precose de Dalmatia' - variety with two fruits per year. The fruits are large, aromatic, with excellent taste - they are considered among the sweetest and most aromatic figs.

Fruit size : around 80-100 grams at the first harvest (Breba) and 70-80 grams in autumn. However, it compensates with the significantly higher production in autumn.

Compact, medium-sized variety - reaches a height of approx. 3m, with a diameter of approx. 3-4m.

Horticultural origin : Lesina Island (Hvar), Dalmatian Coast (Croatia)

Other known names: Ficus carica 'Precoce de Dalmatia'

Resistance in the garden. Withstands up to -20°C without significant losses. Resistance increases as the plant matures, the root system develops, and the branches become thicker . It is recommended to protect by covering the plants in the first years with microporous film (anti-freeze film, Agril type film, etc.). The cases of frost in fig trees mean damage to the aerial parts - but the root remains alive, and the plant grows again in the spring.

Resistance to diseases and pests. Figs are considered ' pest free '.

Parthenocarpic variety - it is self-fertile and does not require a pollinator.

Find out all the details about figs here: Fig culture and care

Pot diameter: 14-15 cm. Height with pots included: 40-60 cm.

Plants for the garden or terrace are grown in unprotected spaces or with minimal protection (shading nets or anti-hail nets). For this reason, naturally, they cannot have perfect foliage - the leaves can show traces, defects or other damage.

In the autumn-winter season, figs are sold without leaves.