Senecio rowleyanus, specie planta suculenta, pret atractiv

Senecio rowleyanus (pearl sedge) *babyplant

25,00 lei

Pot diameter: pots 5-6 cm

pots 5-6 cm
Full description and specifications
Senecio Rowleyanus (string of pearls, string of peas or string of beads) are succulent plants, native to South Africa, where in their natural habitats they grow directly on the ground, with their stems creeping and rooting whenever the stems touch the ground They usually grow in the shade, protected by other plants or tall rocks.
Like other succulents, senecio needs well-drained soil. A combination of cactus soil combined with perlite for more drainage (1:1) or a sandy soil.
Senecio needs strong, but indirect light, and must be protected from strong afternoon sun.
Water well, then let it dry a little between waterings. .
Height with pots included approx. 10 cm
The decorative bowl is not included in the price.