Tupidanthus calyptratus (Schefflera pueckleri)
Tupidanthus calyptratus (Schefflera pueckleri)

Tupidanthus calyptratus (Schefflera pueckleri)

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Tupidanthus calyptratus (Schefflera pueckleri) is a perennial tropical plant that is part of the Araliaceae family. This species is known for its dense and attractive foliage, being often cultivated as an indoor plant due to its tolerance to low light conditions and relatively easy maintenance.

The leaves of Tupidanthus calyptratus (Schefflera pueckleri) are large, glossy and dark green, arranged radially around a central point, resembling the structure of an umbrella, hence the common name in some regions of "umbrella plant". Each leaf is usually composed of several small leaflets, which can vary in number, giving the plant an exuberant and voluminous appearance.

In its natural habitat, Schefflera pueckleri can reach impressive sizes, developing as a shrub or a small tree. In indoor conditions, it grows more moderately, but it can still become quite large, needing enough space to expand.

This plant prefers warm and humid environments, typical of its original tropical habitats. For healthy growth, it requires well-drained soil and regular watering, but without water stagnation. It also benefits from periodic fertilization to support the development of its large and attractive leaves.

Height with pots included: approx. 60-70 cm

Pot diameter: 21 cm