Sansevieria 'Compacta dwarf' D7

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Pot diameter: pot 7 cm

pot 7 cm
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Cylindrical sansevieria, popularly known as snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue, is one of the easiest houseplants to maintain.
It is said that the mother-in-law's tongue has a positive energy that improves the mood and extinguishes conflicts.
Sansevieria is famous for turning CO2 into O2 at night. It is said that in an environment where you have no fresh air at all, if you have 6-8 Sansevieria plants per person, they will produce enough oxygen to live. NASA has placed it among the plants that absorb toxins, especially nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde.
It also helps to maintain a normal humidity in the atmosphere. Due to these properties, Feng Shui practitioners consider it a beneficial plant.
Care instructions Sansevieria - snake plant, mother-in-law's tongue
Placement: it needs a lot of light, and will do well even in direct sun, although the best alternative is strong indirect light.
Humidity: it needs a little water. Do not water too much because it can lead to rotting of the roots
Characteristics: it does not need ideal conditions to survive, being very resistant

Height with pots included approx. 15 cm

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