Rosa ‘Royal Pink’
Rosa ‘Royal Pink’

Rosa 'Royal Pink'® - Floribunda rose, abundance of pink flowers

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Full description and specifications

Rosa 'Royal Pink'® - hybrid tea of medium size, with compact growth and very good branching. The flowers are relatively small in size, but appear in very large numbers and have a discreet fragrance.

Details about the flowers: 3-5 cm, relatively small but in very large numbers (real bouquets), persistent flowering
Color: pink - pastel, pink - cyclamen

Planting distance between bushes: 60 cm
Flowering: vigorous plant, with consistent flowering throughout the warm season.
Average height at maturity: 50-60 cm

Fragrant flowers: YES, discreet fragrance
Delivery specifications: in pots with a diameter of 17 cm. Developed plants with a strong root system. The effective size of the plant varies depending on the season. In the cold season, the plants are sold shortened and without leaves.