Rosa Kordana® Grande Maracuja - large and fragrant flowers

35,00 lei

Pot diameter: 14 cm pot - 3 plants/pot

14 cm pot - 3 plants/pot
Full description and specifications

Rosa Kordana® Grande Maracuja is a variety of dwarf rose, appreciated for its large and vibrant flowers, golden-yellow with subtle red spots. The flowers appear in generous bouquets and are recognized for their delicate and persistent fragrance.


  1. Light: Kordana® Grande Maracuja roses grow best in well-lit places. It prefers direct sun, but must be protected during extremely hot summer days, especially in areas with a very hot climate.

  2. Watering: It needs regular watering, but without letting the water stagnate at the roots. The soil must be well drained and kept moist, but not soaked.

  3. Fertilization: To support abundant flowering, it is recommended to fertilize the plant once a month during the period of active growth (spring-summer) with a special fertilizer for roses.

  4. Pruning: Pruning is done to remove spent flowers and to stimulate new blooms. Also, cutting helps to maintain the compact shape of the plant and to prevent diseases by improving air circulation between the branches.

  5. Protection against pests and diseases: Monitor the plant to detect possible pest attacks or signs of disease. Treatments with fungicides or insecticides may be necessary if specific problems occur.

They can be grown both as indoor plants and in the garden.
Height with pots included: approx. 25 cm

note: This plant may lose its flowers until the order is processed, but it is capable of reblooming in the following weeks.