Rosa 'Floriana'
Rosa 'Floriana'
Rosa 'Floriana'
Rosa 'Floriana'
Rosa 'Floriana'

Rosa 'Floriana'® - Floribunda rose, fragrant flowers

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Full description and specifications

Rosa 'Floriana'® - Double flowers with a sweet fragrance. Variety registered by Martin Vissers (Belgium, 2005).

Medium-sized rose, with very abundant and spectacular blooms. Fragrant flowers. It shows very good resistance to diseases and pests.
Flower size: 5-8 cm, double, 17-25 petals
Color and number of petals: peach, outer petals cream
Planting distance between bushes: 50-60 cm
Flowering: constant and abundant flowering throughout the summer
Average height at maturity: 60-70 cm
Delivery specifications: in pots with a diameter of 14 cm. Plants with a strong root system. The height varies depending on the season.
Fragrant flowers: YES, strong, sweet scent