Rosa 'Circle of Life'
Rosa 'Circle of Life'

Rosa 'Circle of Life'® - fairytale rose, spectacular and fragrant

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"It's the Circle of Life..." Circle of Life® is not only the name of Elton John's famous song from the movie "The Lion King", but also the name of the superb garden rose launched by Casa Tantau in 2021. Its golden-yellow flowers they remind us of the colors of a spectacular tropical sunset.

Rosa 'Circle of Life' is a descendant of the highly awarded Hansestadt Rostock® rose, which was named "Rose of the Year 2020". From him he inherited the extremely persistent flowering behavior and the wonderful color. It was not easy to be clearly classified into a type of growth, because the shape of its flowers is noble, its flowering is abundant like that of a hedge rose and its growth is compact and bushy like that of a shrub rose. An example of how the boundaries between types of roses blur in an interesting way. Besides all these attractive attributes, it also shows very good leaf health.

Flower size: approx. 10 cm

Planting distance between bushes: 50-80 cm

Flowering: vigorous plant, with constant flowering throughout the summer
Average height at maturity: 80-120 cm
Delivery specifications: in pots with a diameter of 19cm. Developed plants, with a strong root system.
Fragrant flowers: YES