Rosa 'Capri'® - strongly scented hybrid tea with double flowers, nostalgia

105,00 lei
Full description and specifications

Rosa 'Capri'® - The warm orange-apricot shade of this Nostalgic® hybrid tea rose is similar to the color of a romantic summer sunset. It grows in the form of a round bush with glossy, medium-sized and dark-colored leaves. The perfume of the flowers is reminiscent of ripe apricots and honey. Like many fragrant roses, the flowers are somewhat sensitive to rain.

Flower size: approx. 10 cm

Planting distance between bushes: 50-80 cm

Flowering: vigorous plant, with constant flowering throughout the summer
Average height at maturity: 70-100 cm
Delivery specifications : in pots with a diameter of 19cm.

Developed plants, with a strong root system.

Fragrant flowers: YES