Azalee de gradina - Rhododendron Cau Cosmopolitan
Azalee de gradina - Rhododendron Cau Cosmopolitan

Garden azalea - Rhododendron Cau Cosmopolitan

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Garden azaleas - Rhododendron in pots.
The garden rhododendron is a popular plant, originally from tropical regions.
Rhododendrons are related to azaleas. The biggest difference between Rhododendron and Azalea is that a Rhododendron is an evergreen bush. Rhododendron plants are generally taller, with larger leaves and flowers, compared to azaleas.
Pot diameter: 19-23 cm
Height with pots included: 70-80 cm Garden azalea care instructions
Placement: Plant rhododendrons in a place with partial shade, where the soil is acidic and well drained
Planting: Fall or early spring. In both cases, it is important to water well. Do not apply fertilizer at planting time; The new leaves and roots are not yet ready to handle the high salt content of the fertilizer and may be burned.