Promadisanthus HibeKi
Promadisanthus HibeKi

Promadisanthus HibeKi (Paradisanthus micranthus x Promenaea Margaret E. Boice)

59,00 lei

Stage:: with flowers/stalks/buds (pot 9 cm)

with flowers/stalks/buds (pot 9 cm)
without flowers (pot 9 cm)
Full description and specifications

Promadisanthus HibeKi (Paradisanthus micranthus (syn Paradisanthus bahiensis) x Promenaea Margaret E. Boice)

Placement: bright place, protected from direct sunlight

Watering: once a week

Temperature: 10 - 25 degrees Celsius

Humidity: 40-80%

Flowering frequency: 1-3 times/year

The decorative bowl is not included in the price. It also presents yellowed leaves - this aspect is characteristic of the species.

Height with pots included approx. 20 cm