Plumeria rubra 'Hawaiian Opal Pink'
Plumeria rubra 'Hawaiian Opal Pink'

Plumeria rubra 'Hawaiian Opal Pink' - fragrant flowers

95,00 lei

Stage:: pot 14 cm, H40cm - without flowers

pot 14 cm, H40cm - without flowers
pot 14 cm, H40cm - growing stems
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The species of the genus Plumeria, also known as Lei, Frangipani or Hawaiian Palm, are represented by small trees/shrubs, of tropical origin, especially appreciated for the flowers of a special shape, with impressive colors, fragrant in the case of some species.
Flowers are used in Hawaii to make traditional garlands, used in numerous ceremonies, signifying affection, love, and generally handed out in important moments, or in case of the arrival/departure of a visitor.
The special and intense perfume, along with the capacity for massive and repeated flowering, starting from spring until late autumn, in a spectacular color palette that varies from white, yellow, pink and red, even with gradients that cross all these colors for a the only flower, gathers a large number of passionate breeders who dedicate their time to species of this genus.

The color/shade of flowers can be influenced by light, fertilizer, substrate, growing conditions.

See the complete plumeria care guide.

Note: The plumeria can reach you with affected leaves. After transport, it is possible for the plant to completely lose its leaves, but it will regenerate relatively quickly if it has optimal growing conditions.
The flowers of this plant are thermosensitive - specimens shipped with stems/buds could reach you without flowers.

The height is measured with pots and is approx. 40 cm.