Philodendron rubrijuvenile 'El Choco Red'
Philodendron rubrijuvenile 'El Choco Red'

Philodendron rubrijuvenile 'El Choco Red' D15

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Pot diameter: pot 15 cm

pot 15 cm
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Philodendron rubrijuvenile - previously known as 'El Choco Red', is a species described only in 2020, despite the fact that it circulated for some years in the horticultural trade.

The plant stands out for its spectacular, velvety foliage, in shades from brick red (young leaves) to intense green, with prominent veins. The lower part of the leaves is colored in shades that vary between orange and red-brick.

Like other species of Philodendron, 'El Choco Red' prefers exposure to indirect light and well-drained soil, rich in organic matter. It is not a demanding plant and can tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions, but it prefers high humidity and moderate temperatures.

Height with pots included: approx. 20 cm

Sensitive foliage - specimens may have leaves with defects/scars.