Phalaenopsis Soft Cloud

85,00 lei

Phalaenopsis Soft Cloud is a spectacular multiflora orchid, which impresses with the large number of flowers on each stem.
A real little tree with flowers, in miniature!
Height with pot included 20 cm
Flower size approx. 3 cm
Some specimens, or in the case of certain hybrids all specimens, may have terminal stems. The terminal stem does not represent a quality problem and no distinction is made between specimens with a terminal stem and those without, the plants being in both situations compliant with international horticultural standards. You can find more details about terminal stems here: Phalaenopsis terminal stem .
See the Phalaenopsis orchid care guide on the Blog. 

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.

Stage:: with flowers - 4 stems (12 cm pots)

with flowers - 4 stems (12 cm pots)