Phalaenopsis Little Star (Mayshang Angel) fragrant

75,00 lei

The Phalaenopsis Little Star orchid is a small, multifloral orchid. Its white and pink flowers are slightly fragrant.
Extremely decorative plants, Phalaenopsis enchant with their wonderful flowers on the long stem, flowers that last for months in a row. In ideal conditions, they can bloom even 2-3 times a year.
Height with pots included 30-40 cm
Pot diameter 9 cm

Fragrant flowers!

Stage:: 2 plants/pots, with stems/flowers/buds

2 plants/pots, with stems/flowers/buds
with flowers - 2 stems (pots 9 cm)
with flowers - 3 stems
flowers partially spent/no flowers
with flowers - 3-4 stems