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Horticultural perlite 0-5 mm

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2.5 liters
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Perlite is used in plant substrate mixes to improve aeration and modify soil structure, keeping it compact, well-drained and crumbly.
Perlite is also excellent for rooting cuttings and favors the formation of much stronger roots than those grown only in water. Take the cuttings and place them in a bag of moistened perlite, about a third full of perlite. Put the ends of the cuttings up to the knot in the perlite, then fill the bag with air and seal it. Place the bag in indirect sunlight and check the roots after 2 or 3 weeks. The cuttings can be planted when the roots have a length of 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm.
Perlite absorbs up to 35-40% of the water it stores due to its granular structure with high porosity, releasing it into the soil according to the plant's needs. Perlite is a granular, 100% ecological, heat-insulating inorganic product, it is neutral and very chemically stable, non-degradable over time, effective at normal temperatures but also at extreme ones, from -200 degrees Celsius to +850 degrees Celsius.

Note: Bulk product - packaging is done in zip bags by our staff. It is not excluded that there may be some volume differences or a margin of error due to porosity, compaction, humidity or density of the material, but these variations are considered normal.

Note for international orders: Adding soil products to international orders will increase your shipping costs due to extra weight charges. For each piece you will need to pay an extra cost of 10 Ron (~2 Eur).