Orhidee Paphiopedilum Leanum, Papucul lui Venus, pret atractiv
Orhidee Paphiopedilum Leanum, Papucul lui Venus, pret atractiv

Orchid Paphiopedilum Leanum - Venus's slipper

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Primary hybrid (first generation) between the species P. insigne (seeds) and P. spicerianum (pollen), is one of the classic taxa, registered in Great Britain since 1884, when the orchid hybridization fever took off.
Once very common in cultivation, today Paphiopedilum Leeanum is a rarer presence in the horticultural trade, which, however, seems to have a tendency to regain strength. Although there is absolutely no need to improve the original species in the case of Leeanum, since the hybrid has inherited spectacular characters from both parents, the loss of the graphic model of the banner, by comparison with badges, is compensated by the acquisition of a special shape of it, a defining characteristic of to the pollen donor parent, picerianum.
Leeanum generally blooms in winter, and the vigorous flowers remain to delight the eye for several months or more. It does not require much light, and the ease of growing this species together with the size and color of the flowers make this horticultural taxon a favorite of both casual growers and experienced collectors.

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Stage:: with flowers/stem/buds

with flowers/stem/buds
without flowers