Orhidee Phalaenopsis fara flori

Phalaenopsis mix no ID (Netherlands)

25,00 lei

With proper care, Phalaenopsis Orchids bloom again, profusely and for a longer period of time. The second flowering of the plant lasts much longer and can be more abundant, because it is already in a stable environment - it no longer passes through greenhouses, transport, store shelves, etc.
The biological cycle of the Phalaenopsis orchid involves a period of active vegetative growth and flowering and a rest period that varies between 1 and 3 months.
Pot diameter 9 - 12 cm
They can present small mechanical defects on the leaves.

See the Phalaenopsis orchid care guide on the Blog. 

Stage:: without flowers (pot diameter 9-12 cm)

without flowers (pot diameter 9-12 cm)