Oncidium (Cyrtocidium) Holm’s Wizard - parfumat

Oncidium (Cyrtocidium) Holm's Wizard - purple - very fragrant!

35,00 lei

Stage:: without flowers

without flowers
with flowers - 2-3 stems
with flowers - 1 stem (pot 9 cm)
with flowers - 3-4 stems (9 cm pots)
Full description and specifications

Oncidium (Cyrtocidium) Holm's Wizard (Cyrtocidium Kolibri × Oncidium Katrin Zoch) - purple.
Pot diameter: 9 cm
Height with pots included: 30-40 cm

Flower size: 2-2.5 cm
Fragrant flowers: YES
This hybrid has color variations.

See care instructions on the Blog.