Anti-mosquito scented geraniums - Pelargonium graveolens 'Lemon' (Indrusaim)

35,00 lei

Pot diameter: pot 12 cm

pot 12 cm
Full description and specifications

Pelargonium Graveolens is also known as fragrant geranium, anti-mosquito geranium, Geranium. This geranium has multiple uses: ingredient in jams, marmalades, ice creams to flavor them; dry leaf tea is tonic, diuretic, beneficial for cholesterol; inhalations in case of colds; repels various insects and mosquitoes thanks to the strong and mentholated smell of the leaves.
It is suitable both for the garden and for the terrace or balcony.
Features: resistance to diseases, has the appearance of a climbing geranium
Location: in full sun

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.

Height with pots included 20-25 cm