Scented mosquito nets - Pelargonium Angel Parfum Jady D12

20,00 lei

Pot diameter: 12 cm pot (with or without flowers)

12 cm pot (with or without flowers)
Full description and specifications

Anti-mosquito geraniums (Mosquitaways) are suitable both as indoor plants and for the terrace. The strong citrus smell of these geraniums acts as a deterrent to mosquitoes that don't seem to like the smell of lemons.
Mosquitaways is a geranium species resulting from crossing two Pelargonium species: Pelargonium with fragrant leaves and Pelargonium Angel. Compared to other geraniums with fragrant leaves, the species Mosquitaways bloom profusely. Angel pelargoniums have the appearance of an English geranium with jagged leaves and smaller flowers.
Features and care:
- it can be placed both inside and outside
- blooms continuously from April to October
- water regularly
- placed in a bright area (not directly in the sun)
- apply fertilizer every 2 weeks.
Height with pots included approx. 20 cm
Pot diameter: 12 cm 

The price displayed for the plant is with or without flowers.