Comanda online Miltoniopsis,  flori parfumate  Orhideea Panseluta

OFFER! Miltoniopsis mix - Fragrant panseluta orchid

45,00 lei 29,00 lei SAVE 36%

The orchid Miltoniopsis parfumata looks different from Miltonia, due to some characteristic features, such as the presence of a single leaf instead of two in the upper part of the pseudo-bulb.
Height with pots included approx. 30 cm
Pot diameter 12 cm.
Fragrant flowers: YES
See the Miltoniopsis orchid care guide.
* The displayed price is for 1 potted plant. A single variety from the mix will be chosen at random. Colors cannot be chosen.
The flowers of this plant are thermosensitive, sensitive to temperature differences and could reach you with partially spent flowers.

Stage:: with flowers - 1 stem

with flowers - 1 stem
without flowers