Maranta Leuconeura Kerchoveana - The plant that prays for the house

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Maranta is popularly called the plant that prays because in the evening it raises its leaves and sticks them together like two hands praying, and in the morning it drops them down.
Maranta is a plant with a very spectacular and attractive leaf design. The leaves look as if they were painted by hand.

Marantha got its name from Bartolomeo Maranti, a famous Venetian botanist in the sixteenth century and comes from Central and South America.
Marantha grows up to a height of about 45 cm, generating 5-6 new leaves per year. A small white flower appears in summer, but the plant is decorative through its leaves and not through its flowers. It likes semi-shaded or shaded places and exposure to too strong light discolors its leaves.
Marantha care instructions
Placement: shaded space, with indirect light. It does not tolerate drafts and too low temperatures in winter. In the summer they feel good in a cooler place; in excessive heat, the leaves get stained.
Moisture: water moderately.
Propagation: by dividing the bush

Height with pots included: 20-30 cm

Pot diameter: pot 12 cm

pot 12 cm