Palmier Livistona Rotundifol - Palmierul exotic

Livistona Rotundifol - The exotic palm tree

85,00 lei

Palm Livistona Rotundifol is not among the tallest indoor palms, but it is certainly the most elegant, with leaves that form almost a perfect circle. It is also known as the fountain palm, the round-leaf palm or the table palm.
The palm tree does not have a special symbolism, but that does not make it less popular. The aboriginals considered the heart of the plant to be a delicacy, and in the West it is considered a green air purifier Livistona removes harmful substances from the air around it and therefore helps prevent irritated eyes, headaches and fatigue, among other things . The houseplant also has a positive effect on humidity.
Palm tree care instructions
Placement: bright place or direct sun
Moisture: water when the soil has dried slightly on the surface, spray the substrate.
Substrate: neutral Dutch peat and coarse sand or a mixture that also contains sand.
Height with pots included 30-35 cm
Pot diameter 12 cm