Leomesezia (Howeara) Lava Burst
Leomesezia (Howeara) Lava Burst
Leomesezia (Howeara) Lava Burst

Leomesesia (Howeara) Lava Burst

45,00 lei
Leomesezia Lava Burst (Leomesezia Mini-Primi × Rodriguezia Lanceolata) is an intergeneric hybrid between Howeara Mini Primi and Rodriguezia. The flowers are reddish in color with bright spots.
Height with pots included: 30-40 cm
Pot diameter 9 cm
See Cambria orchid care instructions on the Blog.
Some leaves have defects and specific colors.

Stage:: with flowers - 1-2 stems

with flowers - 1-2 stems
without flowers