Leandru mix - Nerium Olander

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Stage:: with flowers/buds - random color

with flowers/buds - random color
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Oleander, scientifically known as Nerium oleander, is a very popular shrub due to its beautiful and colorful flowers, which can be white, pink, red, salmon or yellow. It is native to the Mediterranean regions, South-West Asia and China, but has adapted well to many other areas with a warm-temperate climate.


  • Light : Prefers strong, direct light, being ideal to be placed in a sunny place.
  • Watering : It needs regular watering in hot periods, allowing the soil to partially dry between waterings. In winter, reduce the frequency of watering.
  • Soil : Prefers well-drained, fertile soils. A mixture of garden soil with sand or perlite can help improve drainage.
  • Temperature : It is resistant to heat and can tolerate low temperatures up to -5°C for short periods. However, in areas with cold winters, it is recommended to be brought indoors or in a protected space.
  • Fertilizer : Apply fertilizer for flowering plants from spring to fall to support abundant flowering.
  • Pruning : Regular pruning, carried out in the spring, helps to maintain the desired shape and to stimulate flowering. Old or damaged branches can be removed and too long branches can be shortened to encourage the growth of new flowers.

Pot diameter: 13 cm
Height with pots included: 45-50 cm

*The picture is for information purposes and the displayed price is for 1 potted plant. A variety/color from the available mix will be shipped randomly.