Fragrant potted lavender - Lavandula Angustifolia Hidcote

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Pot diameter: pot 12 cm

pot 12 cm
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Lavandula Angustifolia Hidcote is a lavender variety known for its beauty and strong fragrance. This perennial plant has shiny silver leaves and purple-lilac flowers that grow on long, fragrant stems.
Lavender lasts very well in the garden, being green all year round. The lavender culture becomes more and more vigorous from one year to the next, very good results being obtained after the first 2-3 years, when the plant becomes more vigorous.
Optimum planting period: Lavender can be planted from April to the end of October, being a plant that adapts easily.
Light: The sunniest place possible. It is important to choose a well-lit place for this plant, to ensure optimal development.
The soil: This plant prefers a well-drained and slightly sandy soil. The soil must be aerated and allow water to drain properly. It is recommended to avoid dense and heavy soils.
Watering: This variety is resistant to drought and does not tolerate excess water.
Pruning: To stimulate growth and maintain the shape, it is recommended to cut the tips of the branches and flower stems once they have withered.
Fertilization: It does not require additional fertilizers, except in cases where the soil is poor in nutrients. If the soil is poor, a slow-release fertilizer can be applied in the spring.
Height with pots 20 cm

The plant is sold without flowers.