Kiryuzuna 2 L - substrat japonez bonsai

Kiryuzuna 2 L - Japanese bonsai substrate

35,00 lei
Full description and specifications

Kiryuzuna is a special Japanese substrate for bonsai, ideal due to its mineral content. Kiryuzuna has a high capacity to maintain nutrients and retain water. It ensures the gradual release of water and at the same time the proper oxygenation of the root system.

Kiryuzuna is a zeolite of Japanese origin that is obtained from mountain sand. It comes from the decomposition of volcanic gravel and has a pH between 6.5 and 6.8. It has a greater weight and breaks down more difficult than Akadama, and depending on the breeder's experience, it can also be used in combinations, such as 70% akadama with 30% kiryuzuna.

Composition: Silicon: 16.84%, Aluminum: 14.52%, Magnesium: 0.10%, Iron: 0.83%, Calcium: 8.47%, Oxygen: 53.84%, Titanium: 0.10% , Carbon: 3.58%, Manganese: 0.01%, Sodium: 1.52%, Potassium: 0.11%, Phosphorus: 0.09%.

Note: Bulk product - packaging is done in zip bags by our staff. It is not excluded that there may be some volume differences or a margin of error due to porosity, compaction, moisture or density of the material, but these variations are considered normal.

Note for international orders: Adding soil products to international orders will increase your shipping costs due to extra weight charges. For each piece you will need to pay an extra cost of 10 Ron (~2 Eur).