Karate Zeon - insecticid de contact, orhidee, plante, pret atractiv

Karate Zeon - contact insecticide

6,00 lei

Karate Zeon is a contact insecticide that, in addition to the quick and shock effect against pests, offers the longest period of protection, thanks to Zeon technology. The formulation in Zeon capsules allows a maximum amount of insecticide to reach the plant, without losses in the atmosphere during application.
The gradual release of the insecticide from the capsules determines the formation of a stable deposit, resistant to the action of UV rays and precipitation.
It successfully combats the following pests: Thrips, gray lice, aphids, caterpillars, Colorado beetles (larvae and adults), honey fleas, moths and butterflies.
Composition: 50 g/l lambda - cyhalothrin
General dilution: 2 ml/10 l of water

Weight: 2 ml

2 ml