Ingrasamant Pokon citrice BIO 500ml (Citrice, Leandru, Maslini)
Ingrasamant Pokon citrice BIO 500ml (Citrice, Leandru, Maslini)

BIO citrus fertilizer 500ml (Citrus, Leandru, Olives)

25,00 lei
Full description and specifications
Mediterranean plants, especially citrus fruits (orange, lemon, kumquat, grapefruit, olive, fig, calamondin) are becoming more and more popular. This should come as no surprise when we consider their beautiful and fragrant flowers, as well as their decorative or edible fruits. In addition, these plants create a holiday atmosphere.
This citrus fertilizer is a good fertilizer, having a high nitrogen content, being made especially for the care of citrus and other Mediterranean plants in a pot to produce beautiful and healthy fruits.
For best results, feed your plants from January to November.
1. Shake well before use.
2. Fertilizers once a week
3. 14 ml for 1 liter of water.