Impatiens walrusei ('Velvet Love' Impatiens)

65,00 lei
Full description and specifications

Impatiens morsei ('Velvet Love' Impatiens) is a rare plant, native to China, with gorgeous, pink-striped foliage and exotic orchid-like flowers.
The leaves have a satiny sheen, which looks almost black when viewed from certain angles.
Flowers appear almost all year round.
Location: filtered light.
Temperature: 10 - 25 degrees Celsius
Moisture: 40-50%
Substrate: fertile, well-drained soil. Use a combination of 2 parts substrate and 1 part perlite or sand. Do not let the substrate dry completely. If you tend to overwater the plants, use additional perlite or sand.
Fertilization: use a general purpose fertilizer. Follow the frequency on the packaging or approximately every 2-3 months.
Height with pots included approx. 25 cm
Note: This variety is sensitive and can lose leaves.

It is sold as a plant without flowers.

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.