Hydrangea macrophylla Hot Red

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Hot Red'

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Full description and specifications

Hydrangea is a perennial plant, very decorative with its large and brightly colored flowers with a very long flowering period - from May to late autumn.
Attention - the flowers can change their color depending on the PH of the soil!
Placement: It is planted in the garden or shaded terraces - ideally the plant will have sun only in the first part of the day.
Moisture: Do not let the soil dry out completely between waterings. Hydrangea is a water-loving plant - additional watering is recommended on hot summer days.
Substrate: The color of the hydrangea varies depending on the acidity of the soil in which it was planted - in acidic soils it will have a blue color and in alkaline soils it will have a pink or red color.
Propagation: By marking or dividing the roots.

Pot diameter 14 cm
Width with pot included 30-40 cm

note: this variety may remain without flowers until the order is processed.