Hoya wayetii 'Variegata'
Hoya wayetii 'Variegata'
Hoya wayetii 'Variegata'

Hoya wayetii 'Variegata' D6 (2 plants/pot)

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Stage:: without flowers (pot 6cm)

without flowers (pot 6cm)
SKU: pot 6 cm
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Hoya wayetii 'Variegata' - endemic species from the Philippines, which stands out both for its impressive foliage and for its delicate, red, honey-scented flowers. The flowers have a lifespan of up to 7 days, depending on the microclimate.
The leaves acquire the famous boat-like appearance, and the edges become colored when the plant is grown in strong light. Flowering is abundant in the case of large specimens - the plant is able to bloom throughout the warm season, if it has strong light. Variegated specimens will be protected from direct sunlight.
It is a Hoya cactus - it requires rare watering, it tolerates drought well and can withstand long periods of time without water. In the case of dehydration, the plant usually recovers completely after consistent watering. It tolerates for a short period lower temperatures, of at least 10 degrees Celsius.
Very rewarding plant, recommended even for beginners, because it is not pretentious about watering and easily adapts to any environment.
Fragrant flowers: YES