Hoya memoria
Hoya Memoria (Gracilis) - parfum de caramel, floarea de ceara la cel mai bun pret!

Hoya memoria - pot 9 cm

49,00 lei

Stage:: without flowers

without flowers
Full description and specifications

Hoya Memoria (Gracilis) is a relatively new species, published in 2004. Originally from the Philippines (and Malaysia, according to some sources), it is considered a very strong plant, with abundant flowering that can be continuous, in conditions of medium humidity and very light Hi.
The leaves are thin, thick and long, with a silver splash. The holes are strongly scented - caramel scent.
In the past, it was marketed as Hoya gracilis or Hoya GPS 10025. The name of the plant is related to the place where it was discovered, The Memorial Garden in Manilla.
Flower size: 1.2 cm and 18-25/umbela
Corolla color: pink
Corona color: yellow and red
Duration of flowers: 5-7 days
Flowering period: all seasons
Leaf dimensions: length 6-12 cm and width 2-3 cm
Pot diameter: 14-15 cm
Fragrant flowers: YES

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.