Hoya gigas Schltr. (flori gigant)

Hoya gigas - huge, fragrant flowers

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Stage:: without flowers (pot 1.7 inch ~ 6cm)

without flowers (pot 1.7 inch ~ 6cm)
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Hoya gigas (Schltr.) - endemic botanical species from New Guinea. Along with Hoya lauterbachii, it is among the species with the largest flowers in the world.

The plant is not pretentious, but it develops best in conditions of high temperatures and very good light, flowering being also conditioned by these factors. Lianas easily reach lengths of several meters over time.
The flowers are impressive from all points of view: size, color, fragrance. The flowering of such a plant is probably the dream of any collector.
Hoya gigas is part of the Eriostemma section.

Fragrant flowers: YES

Flower size: 7-9 cm