Hoya cutis porcelana
Hoya cutis porcelana
Hoya cutis porcelana

Hoya cutis porcelain * scented

75,00 lei

Hoya cutis porcelana - species native to the Philippines, Samar and Biliran islands. The plant is distinguished by its incredible, porcelain-looking flowers, unusual for a Hoya. The flowers are fragrant and have a lifespan of 3-5 days, depending on the microclimate in which the plant grows.
From the point of view of the leaves, the plant resembles Hoya camphorifolia and Hoya bicolensis.
Hoya cutis porcelana was discovered in 2013.
This species requires a longer break between waterings - it is necessary to adjust the watering interval according to the substrate, season and ambient temperature. In optimal conditions, the plant blooms easily and frequently even at small sizes.
For a frequent and abundant flowering, but also a harmonious development, the plant will be grown in the strongest, filtered light.

Fragrant flowers: YES

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.

Stage:: without flowers (pot 1.7 inch ~ 6cm)

without flowers (pot 1.7 inch ~ 6cm)

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