Hoya compacta 'Dark Pink'
Hoya compacta 'Dark Pink'
Hoya compacta 'Dark Pink'

Hoya compacta 'Dark Pink' developed specimens

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Stage: without flowers (pots 2.5 inch ~ 9cm)

without flowers (pots 2.5 inch ~ 9cm)
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Hoya compacta 'Dark Pink' is a new cultivar/clone originating from Thailand. The flowers are satin, and the color varies between pink and deep pink, with a cyclamen center. Unlike the classic clone in circulation, this version has more vigorous vines, with thicker and more twisted leaves, faster growth. New leaves are black/dark purple, as in pubicalyx species.
We currently have this cultivar in the greenhouse both from a producer in Denmark and from a supplier in Taiwan (photo of real flowering in the greenhouse).
Location: It likes light, but not direct sun. A window to the West is ideal.
Watering: the substrate should not dry completely between waterings.
Temperature: It likes intermediate temperatures of 20-25 degrees Celsius. It tolerates for a short period lower temperatures, of at least 10 degrees Celsius.
Flower size: 1.5 cm and 30-50 flowers/umbela. They have the shape of large balls that can reach a circumference of 15 cm.
Flowering period: spring, summer. In any season if grow lights are used.
Duration of flowers: approx. 5 days
Height with pots included approx. 10-12 cm

Fragrant flowers: YES