Hippeastrum Red Lion, with the red flower

29,00 lei

Stage: stem/flowers

Full description and specifications

Hippeastrum Red Lion is an indoor plant highly valued for its flowers. Hippeastrum Red Lion produces large, showy flowers with deep, glossy red petals. Each stem can bear up to 4-6 flowers, which can be an impressive 20-25 cm in diameter


  • Light : Prefers indirect light.
  • Water : The soil should be kept moist, but not wet. It is important to avoid water stagnation, which can lead to rotting of the bulbs.
  • Temperature : Does well in a wide range of temperatures but prefers warmer conditions around 18-25°C.
  • Vegetative dormancy : After flowering, Hippeastrum Red Lion enters a period of dormancy, requiring less water and fertilization, until a new growth cycle begins.

Height with pot included 15-20 cm
Pot diameter: 14 cm