Ivy - Hedera helix 'Hibernica' 3 plants/pot

35,00 lei

Plant size: pots 13-15 cm - length 80-100 cm

pots 13-15 cm - length 80-100 cm
Full description and specifications

Ivy helix 'Hibernica' (ivy) is an evergreen, fast-growing plant, ideal for gardens with hedges, arches or pergolas.
Cold resistance: withstands well up to -15 °C. At lower temperatures, the plant loses leaves/stems, but it regenerates quickly in the spring.
Ivy care instructions.
Placement: indirect light
Humidity: moderate watering
Substrate: neutral peat or a loose mixture
Propagation: by cuttings semilimed in water
Characteristics: The lack of humidity in the air leads to the drying of the tips and edges of the leaves, too weak light leads to their discoloration. By repeatedly pinching the tips at any time branching occurs. It can be formed as a trailing plant, or it can be led on a vertical support.
Pot diameter 13-15 cm
The length of the liana is approx. 80 cm

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.