Gymnocalycium mihanovichii var. nichikii (Variegata)

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii var. nichikii (Variegata) mix

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Pot diameter: pot 6.5 cm

pot 6.5 cm
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Gymnocalycium mihanovichii var. nichikii - variegated form. Specimens with variable variegation - each specimen is unique and impressive in its own way. There are red, pink, orange, green specimens with more or less chlorophyll, with possible variations in any color.

Due to these amazing characteristics, the variegated forms are considered collectibles and can fetch impressive prices in collectors' groups.

Care: Location in sunny or partially sunny locations, moderate watering at approx. 2 weeks (will adapt depending on the microclimate), fertilization at approx. 1 month. Excess water can lead to rapid deterioration of the plant. Minimum temperature: +10 °C

Pot diameter: 6.5 cm, tall pot without plate

Height with pots included: +13 cm

Note: It is possible that this specimen has shallow roots and will come out of the pot during transport. It can be replanted in place without problems.

The displayed price is for 1 plant. The picture has an informative title, a copy will be chosen randomly.