Gaultheria Procumbes Pro Big Berry - plante vesnic verde, pret atractiv

Gaultheria Procumbes Pro Big Berry - evergreen plant

29,00 lei

Gaultheria Procumbes is a dwarf, evergreen shrub native to North America.
From June to August, it produces fragrant white, bell-shaped, pink or red flowers.
After flowering, Gaultheria produces pink-red fruits in abundance, in contrast to the bright intense green foliage.
Gaultheria Procumbes can withstand temperatures of -35 degrees Celsius.

Gaultheria Procumbes care instructions
- Planting in a shaded or partially shaded place is recommended.
- Prefers cultivation in acid soil
- It needs moderate watering. It tolerates drought and heat and, at the same time, withstands very low winter temperatures (up to about -35 C).
Height with pots included: 15+ cm

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.

Pot diameter: pot 15 cm

pot 15 cm
pot 12 cm