Gardenia Jasminoides (indoor) - fragrant, 3 plants/pot

45,00 lei

Gardenia Jasminoides is a very beautiful plant, with opposite, shiny leaves, with a fine texture and dark green color, this shrub has a compact shape. Gardenias have white flowers that turn cream as they mature and appear waxy, with a strong, sweet fragrance that can fill an entire room.
Placement: bright but shaded, airy place
Moisture: water moderately
Substrate: neutral peat or a loose mixture
Propagation: by cutting directly in peat
Characteristics: Lack of humidity in the air leads to browning and falling of leaves and buds. All year round it forms white, durable flowers, appreciated for their strong fragrance. As they pass, they turn pale yellow to deep yellow. It is fertilized once a week from spring to late autumn.

Height with pots included 20-25 cm

This variety is indoor.

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.

Note: It is possible to receive this variety without flowers, but in optimal conditions it will rebloom in the following weeks.

Pot diameter: pot 13 cm

pot 13 cm