Ficus elastica Belize (Ruby) XL

59,00 lei

Pot diameter - height: pot 17 cm - height 50-60 cm

pot 17 cm - height 50-60 cm
pot 17 cm - height 70 cm
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Ficus is one of the most widespread houseplants. Its leaves are highly valued for their shape, size and color.
Ficus Elastica Robusta care instructions
Placement: bright but shaded place, protected from drafts
Humidity: water moderately, it can be sprayed on the leaves in the warm season.
Substrate: neutral Dutch peat or a very loose mixture
Propagation: spring by semi-limed cuttings

The shade of the leaves varies depending on the growing conditions and the season.

Specimens in stock may have leaves missing at the base.
The height of the plant is measured with pots.