Room Fern - Nephrolepis Green Moments

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Full description and specifications

The room fern - Nephrolepis, is famous for its ability to purify the air in closed spaces, ranking 9th in the NASA ranking.
Fern has been named "the most efficient air filtering plant" by for its ability to expel mold and toxins from indoor air. In addition, it will definitely give your room a forest air!
The room fern is easy to care for; it needs a bright place and a lot of moisture to develop harmoniously.

Care instructions Room Fern - Nephrolepsis
Location: Bright place, protected from the sun's rays.
Watering: The fern needs high humidity - the soil must not dry out, and the plant needs spraying during the warm season.
Substrate: mixture of peat and sand.
Fertilization: For good development, the fern requires weekly fertilization, during the growth period (spring-summer).

Height with pots included approx. 45-50 cm
Pot diameter: 17 cm