Eucalyptus polyanthemos
Eucalyptus polyanthemos
Eucalipt - Eucalyptus polyanthemos (Red Box)

Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus polyanthemos (Red Box)

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Stage: 16cm pot

16cm pot
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Eucalyptus polyanthemos, also known as Round-leaved Eucalyptus or Silver Eucalyptus, is a medium-sized tree species that adds distinctive charm to any garden. It can reach a height of 15-20 meters, but in garden conditions it can be kept smaller by cutting.

Distinguished by its branched habit and its dense foliage, Eucalyptus polyanthemos stands out for its round, silver-green juvenile leaves, which add a touch of freshness and elegance. The adult leaves are more elongated, but just as attractive.

The white flowers appear in small bunches throughout spring and summer, and are a magnet for bees and other pollinating insects.

The bark of the tree is smooth and variable in color, varying from gray-white to red-brown, and it exfoliates in strips, revealing new layers of pale gray bark, thus creating a unique appearance.

Eucalyptus polyanthemos is drought tolerant once established and prefers well-drained soil in full sun.

This tree is ideal for bringing a touch of exoticism to your garden, but it can also be used for commercial purposes, its hard wood being appreciated in the wood industry. Also, the oil extracted from the leaves is used in various products, due to its antiseptic and decongestant properties.

It does not require special soil and is resistant to diseases and pests, being naturally considered "pest free". It withstands temperatures up to -20 °C, without the need for winter protection.

Height with pots included: approx. 40-60+ cm (varies depending on the season)

In the warm season, these plants can arrive at their destination with damaged foliage (dry tips/leaves) - this aspect is due to transport and represents only an aesthetic defect.

Recommendation : We recommend that you plant the eucalyptus in the garden or in large pots, placed outside during the summer. It is an outdoor plant and does not behave well in the long term in small pots. Do not expose the plant to strong sunlight before planting.

The transport pots in which the plants come are fragile and can break during handling and transport.